Mission Statement

The purpose of the Philippine Nurses Association of Alabama is to provide an organization that will uphold the image and foster the welfare of the Filipino-American Nurses through engagement and advocacy work with community, state, national, international organizations; provision of continuing education, and community support for Filipino-American student nurses in the baccalaureate and graduate level.

PNAAL shall be an active chapter member in the promotion of the vision, mission and objectives of the Philippine Nurses Association of America.


The Philippine Nurses Association of Alabama shall be recognized as to be the lead organization in Alabama that advocates for the Filipino American nurses and our associate members, an active contributor to nursing and health-related policies and laws in the state of Alabama as well as in the nation. 

The objectives of the Association shall be to:



By : Mabel E. Otamias, BSN RN, MAN

In the early 2000, Birmingham experienced an influx of Filipino nurses when Princeton Baptist and Brookwood Baptist Hospitals hired nurses from the Philippines to work in their hospitals on specific contracts. Mr. Gabriel Sapalaran, a Filipino nurse and a resident of Birmingham saw their plight and was concerned for their wellbeing. 

Between 2007 to 2015, a number of meetings and video conferences were done by Mr. Sapalaran and some Filipino nurses discussing the need the organize a local Philippine Nurses Association- the bylaws and rules to tailor to its future goals , membership fees , recruitment and geographical challenges. However, no formal organization was created. 

In 2016, Dr. Sigrid Ladores, a long time dynamic PNAA officer and international researcher met Mr. Sapalaran thru the late Dr. K. Meneses. Energized by Mr. Sapalaran’s vision, she joined him and again ventured on the task of organizing a local chapter. After the two attended the 2019 PNAA National convention, Mr, Sapalaran approached Mrs. Mabel Otamias and shared with her this said long time vision. Networking continued between them. 

Finally, on September 28, 2019, a formal launching of the Philippine Nurses Association of Alabama was held in the Nightingale Conference room at UAB School of Nursing. PNAAL became the 54th chapter to join the PNAA. 

This chapter was established because of the countless hours, efforts and resources of those who have an unwavering belief in the value of Nursing and on how an organization can positively impact the Filipino nurse professionally in their practice of nursing care in the state of Alabama. This chapter is also grateful to the UAB School of Nursing for the use of its facilities, family members, sponsors and respected leaders of various professional Nursing Organizations.


This logo is edgy, modern yet classic in its presentation. The abstract lamp gives tribute to Florence Nightingale of the new millennium. The lamp forms the foundation of the nurse seemingly reaching out her arm to help and care for others with grace and resilience even under pressure .The flame with the Philippine and American flag colors guides all our actions and words. It reflects the principles of our nursing profession tempered by the blended Filipino-American culture of hospitality and inclusiveness. Our visual is drawn to the bold circle that is strong and determined much like the psyche of a Filipino nurse.